Friday, 4 March 2022

I am still blogging …

I am still blogging … 

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Saturday, 8 January 2022

(Step it up) My Summer Essentials

Today I have done the Summer Essentials Step it up activity.   I have done 10 Summer Essentials on my poster.   I searched on google to find images about  summer.   What I chose was ice cream, sun glasses , beach towels, water bottles, watermelon, cans  , cap,  pineapple and a summer umbrella. I hope you all enjoy this post and have an amazing summer season. God Bless.

Friday, 7 January 2022

(Kick Start )Perspective Art

Today I have done another activity on the SLJ site on Perspective Art kick start. What I did first to begin with was to watch a video on YouTube. Next I got a paper and drew some shapes and connected them with lines and coloured it in. I hope you all enjoy this post and check out some of my other posts.

Making a boat out of Crafts

Today I have done an activity on the SLJ site, of how to make a boat of crafts. What I have used to make my boat was four empty bottles, one wooden stick and a small piece of paper. I used empty bottles because on the water it would be very light to float. Then I added a wooden stick and a piece of paper for the boat to sail. I hope you all enjoy this blog post and God Bless.

Friday, 31 December 2021

(Step it up ) Making an Origami Box

Today I have done another task on SLJ site, making an origami box.  I firstly watched a video on YouTube on how to make an origami box and to measure my colour paper to make a square.  Next I had to finish off the box and fold in the edges. This task is really fun to make and I do hope you all enjoy this post and check out some of my SLJ post as well.


Happy New Year's Poster

Today I have done a poster celebrating the New Year. What I did first to create this task, is take a photo of myself and used a website to remove the background. Next I loaded an image from google for the background and inserted words from 'word art'. I hope you all enjoy this post and have a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Kick start - Stick Figure Fun


Today's  task on the SLJ site I have done the kick start activity.  You can see I have drawn some stick figures doing activity's like skipping, working, thinking, running, standing, lifting and taking out the rubbish. My favourite stick figure that I've drawn is the running one. I hope you enjoy this post.