Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day my family and I went to church and we gave Mum flowers and we whispered in her ear.  We said, "Happy Mother's Day".  Then other Dads came to the front and the Dads said, "Happy Mother's Day to the Mums.  Father told the Dad's to go up to the front of the church.  My Mum gave me a big hug.  My love my Mum very much!

Monday, 1 May 2017

On The Weekend

On the weekend I went to my cousin's birthday party.  Her name is Saraiah and she turned one.  This year my family and I are changed into our Samoan costumes before we went to my cousin's birthday party. 

When we got to the birthday party we gave my cousin her present.  We gave her clothes.  We gave her a grey t-shirt and some gumboots.  The gumboots were black and pink.  Saraiah was very happy with the present we gave her.  

Everyone said happy birthday to Saraiah and everyone had some cake.  It was chocolate cake and it tasted yum.  After eating we played in the Bouncy Castle.  I had a fun time.