Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Playing With My Cousin Florence

On the weekend I stayed with my family at home.  My cousin came on Sunday and her name is Florence.  She is younger than me and she had a sleepover at my house.  During the evening we played games like hide and seek.  When I hid, I went under the bed.  I had a fright when Florence found me.  Next it was Florence's turn to hide.  She hid under the bed.  Then I found Florence.  She was scared when I looked under the bed. 

After that Mum said it was time to go to sleep, so Florence and I brushed our teeth and put on our pajamas.  We both had rainbow pajamas.  We said our prayers and went to sleep.  I like it when my cousin Florence comes to our house for a sleepover because she is the best and we have lots of fun playing together!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

My Brother's Birthday

On Friday my cousins came to my brother's birthday and they had a sleep over at my house.  My little brother's name is Cosma and he is four years old.  My cousins bought Cosma a beautiful blanket. They also bought him some yummy chocolate and I got to eat some too.  

We played hide and seek inside our house.  I hid in my bedroom but then my brother, Willietony, found me.  I screamed when Willietony found me.

After playing for a while we were tired so we went to bed.  In the morning my cousins went to their house.  We had all had a good time celebrating Cosma's birthday!