Friday, 3 November 2017

Having Fun On Mission Day

On Friday we went to church because it was Mission Day.  After church we went back to school and Father Matthew blessed our new playground.  Then my Mum, Dad and sister came.  

Next it was playtime and I played with my friends.  After playtime my sister bought some plants from Mrs Mansfield and a box of cupcakes from the Room 7 boys.  The box of cupcakes was $5.  I didn't to eat them because they were for my mum and my sister.  My sister also bought some lollies from Sister Evalesi.  I think she bought six boxes altogether.  I got to eat some of the lollies and so did my twin brother, Willietony.  

Then it was lunch time.  I ate two sausage sizzles with tomato sauce and they were yum.  My brother also got two sausage sizzles.  After lunch I watched a movie while we ate some popcorn.  The popcorn tasted salty and I liked it.  

Before going home we had the raffle draw.  I didn't win anything but my brother Willietony won two Lego Ninjagos.  I helped him to fix them and he shared one of them with our younger brother called Cosma.  I wanted the Buzzy Bee, but I didn't win it.  Maybe I will win something next year.  I love Mission Day because I had fun.  We raised lots of money for the orphans in India.