Thursday, 19 October 2017

Being With My Family

In the school holidays I went to my auntie's family  funeral because my auntie's brother died.  All of my family went to the funeral.  The funeral was in the church and my auntie said the prayer.   First some of the grown ups went up the front of the church and talked in Samoan.  I could not understand what they were saying because I can't speak Samoan.   My auntie cried and I couldn't see if any one else cried because I was sitting at the back.  Later we ate in the church and I ate a pizza and a cake.  After we had eaten we went home.

At home I played hide and seek with my brothers, and I was in.  My brothers' names are Willietony and Cosma.  Then I found my little brother and he got a fright.
Then I found Willietony and he screamed.  Then it was Willietony's turn.  I was hiding under the bed.  Willietony found me under the bed.  I screamed too when Willietony found me under the bed.  I had a good holiday playing with my brothers.