Monday, 9 September 2019

my digtal footprint

My digital footprint

Last week we were learning about our digital footprint.The teachers were helping us to draw our digital footprint. We wanted to find out whether we have a positive or negative digital footprint. This means are we using the internet for good or not so good reasons, like lots of gamesMy digital footprint shows 40%.I am okay.

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I  have learned about publishing my blog

Making tukutuku patterns

               Tukutuku patterns
Last week we did our tukutuku patterns with black and red strip and a white paper.Then we started doing plating our tukutuku patterns,with the black strip going   under over under over under over, then with the red strip you do over under over under over under.then we give it a hair cut and glue it too.

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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

saving money


                                          Nicky's visit  to Saint Patrick's

          A visitor came to  our class today and her name was  Nicky.  She works for the ABS bank. She asked us to tell her what our dreams were and mine was to be an artist and a singer. She said we can be what we want to be if we start saving now. 
We need to put money in the bank because we can earn interest which is more money. The bank can keep your money safe.
She told us a story about a boy who lived in a poor place. He wanted to go on a field trip but it cost money. So he went to ten neighbors and he took out their trash bins every Tuesday for a month. They paid him $5 each Tuesday. In a month he got $200 to go on his trip.