Monday, 9 December 2019

Collaborative creature.

                   Collaborative Creature

Last week on Monday we made a collaborative  creature during Cybersmart. So first I drew an elephant's face. Then I had to swap my animal head with some one else to draw a body. I drew a bumble bee body on Nikita's head. Next we gave it to the last person and they had to draw the tail of an animal. At the end we gave them back to the person that drew the head. I named my creature Ele-fly-ish.


  1. Hi Estherose ,
    I like all your amazing picture you and your frides made your picture.
    From raphelle.

  2. kia ora Estherose
    I love your blog post. I love you and your friends drawing about a collabrotive creatures. Why did you name it Ele-fly-ish ??? maybe next time you could explain if it lives in a tree, dessert , sea ??.
    From Ella