Thursday, 23 May 2019

I show Tika, Pono and Aroha

We have been learning about how Jesus respected the tapu (sacredness) of people. Jesus was walking home to Galilee and then he saw a Samaritan woman. Jesus knew he shouldn't talk to her because Jews weren't allowed to talk to Samaritans, but he did. He also healed the man with leprosy who wasn't allowed to be near people. He shows us that we need to treat people with Tika, Pono and Aroha.
Tika means to do the right thing. I do the right thing by not being in people's fights but trying to help them make peace.
Pono means being true and always doing what is tika . At home I try not to tell lies. Aroha means to show love to each other and even to the people I don't like all that much. I show love when I hug my  brothers and my sister. 

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