Wednesday, 23 September 2020

My Whakapapa story

`                            My Whakapapa Story


Hi my name is Estherose and I am going to introduce my Whanau to you. In my picture you can see my Dad is the tall, green Koru because he is the oldest in the family. He is a very tall man. Next to my dad is my mum, the blue Koru. She sometimes goes to the gym while my Dad takes care of us. The yellow Koru is my oldest sister, Rina. She does my lunch everyday for school.

The dark green Koru is my brother Willietony. He is sometimes mean to me. The blue Koru is me because my favourite color is blue. We are twins.

The orange Koru is my little brother, Cosma. He is the baby of our family. 

I have drawn a big heart with three Koru inside. The one on the left is my mum’s uncle who passed away in Samoa. The one on the right is nana who is now in  heaven. She passed away in Samoa in the year of 2017. The one in the middle is my cousin Moana who also died  in Samoa.

Family is very important to all people because they know everything about you and love you no matter what. I love my family.


  1. Greetings Estherose.
    You’ve written a wonderful story, what great descriptive writing, you could become an author, did you enjoy writing this story? :)

  2. Hi Estherose. I like your descriptive writing. You put a lot of knowledge into your work. I like how your story is interesting. Sililo